Baccalaureate Mass at St. Peter’s for 2017 Students

This Sunday, May 21st  at St. Peter’s we celebrate a special Baccalaureate Mass at 11 am. So many of our young women and men finish high school and are ready for a new part of their life. Bishop Guglielmone emphasized in his message how important it is for them to hold on to their Faith.

Please keep St. Peter’s Graduates in your prayers!
Ian Bain – Irmo High School
Peter El-Khabbaz – Cardinal Newman High School
Raeven Alexis Flake – White Knoll High School
Rachel Friendly – Dreher High School
Areli Garcia – Blythewood High School
Guadalupe Izaguirre – Airport HIgh School
Luke Magalhaes – Cardinal Newman School
Sarah Elizabeth Mielke – Dutch Fork High School
Tonatiuh Nino Jr.- Swansea High School
Julio Simpson – Westwood High School
Ashley Perez – AC Flora High School
Alyssa Ann Pittman – Cardinal Newman High School
Noah Szehner – SC Connections Academy
Ethan Young – Brookland Cayce High School

Several of them have given us a few words to let us know what St. Peter’s has meant for them in their journey. May it be a reminder for us to reach out and always form a welcoming home to the youth.

“I love the peace that comes from serving Mass at St. Peter’s.”

“St.Peter’s has been a home for me my entire life. It means the world to me. I can’t imagine going to any other church.”

“I attended St. Peter’s Catholic School from K-4 through 6th Grade. Having grown up going to school and church here, I feel that St. Peter’s prepared me for life in middle school, high school, and beyond that. St. Peter’s provided me with a foundation that allowed me to accomplish so much, and I will take those qualities I gained with me throughout life.”

“St. Peters has helped me understand what quality education is. It perfectly blends academics and faith into a single love filled place to grow. St. Peters would be a perfect place to send any child interested in their faith and school.”

“St. Peter’s is a family, plain and simple. It is a unit, a home, a place where you can be unburdened from tiring day to day life and be accepted. As a proud member of this family, I am still awed by how inviting everyone has been since the first day I stepped foot into the church, and more importantly the youth group program. I was inspired by this familial unit, inspired to do and be better, to put others first and to strengthen my faith among people who felt the same. So thank you Celia and Jason, for being an inspiration, a comfort, a teacher and a friend. You have made my faith stronger, and played an instrumental part in making me feel connected to the St. Peters Family.”

” I enjoyed being an altar server at St. Peter’s church since third grade. I attended St. Peters school which blends academics and faith into a love filled place to grow.”

“During my years in school, I felt that I needed everyone to like me. I had a hard time trying please others through my actions, not knowing that some people just simply don’t like me for who I am. I felt frustrated with myself, caring about what others think of me and trying to be someone I wasn’t just to please others. Being a member of St. Peter’s allowed me to identify myself through St. Peter’s community. The more I became active in church, the more I learned about myself and the type of person God wants me to be. I now understand that it was one of ways that God was protecting for my own good. He has given me many blessings such as going on retreats through St. Peter’s Catholic Church and I thank Him for the strength and the confidence that he has given me. I will always be connected with St. Peter’s through technology wherever I go.”

“When I think of St.Peter’s, the word ‘home’ often comes to mind. Growing up within the St.Peter’s community, I have always felt loved and supported in all of my endeavors, and I carry with me everything I have learned here from teachers, priests, deacons, peers, and youth ministers.”

“St. Peter’s has been a big part of my life growing up and I want to thank my parents for introducing me to the Catholic faith through St. Peter’s. I hope to continue my faith as I enter college and life beyond school.”

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