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St. Peter’s Family Fellowship: Upcoming Get-Togethers

Tuesday May 23 – Catholic Family Fun during Summer Break

Meet in Neglia Hall (the big carpeted meeting room across the courtyard from the church – come in through the garden and someone will open for you).
5:30 – 6:30: The World’s Most Casual Potluck – Come when you can, bring what you can.
6:30 – 7:30: Discussion Time – Childcare / Kids’ activities provided.
7:30 – 8:00: Early dismissal, then close in prayer, clean-up, and go home!

Off work early or picking up kids from St. Peter’s school? You may arrive as early as 5:00 pm to help setup or just relax for a few minutes before we begin.

For questions or to volunteer, contact Jennifer Fitz –

From the Pastor’s Desk: Easter Message!

Today we celebrate the joyful Resurrection of our Lord. After having spent three days in the tomb He emerged to awestruck followers overwhelmed and unsure of what to make of it all. Isn’t that the way many of us feel. Whether we’re here sporadically on regularly, it can be hard to grasp the power of Christ’s Resurrection and its impact on us personally. We still witness death and dying. The poor are still oppressed. Power is abused and our political system at least at the national level remains embroiled in turmoil. So what does Easter matter? Are our hearts lifted up? Do we find new hope and resurgent belief that Jesus has overcome the sting of death and his victory will lead to our own?

Faith is an interesting thing. There is no necessary and clear logic as to why one may believe and another may perpetually question. Many witnessed Jesus’ miracles and did not believe while others’ lives were so totally transformed that even facing a martyr’s death could not dissuade them. As we come through the dark vale of tears to proclaim Easter Joy, I can only hope our ministry in South Carolina’s capital city helps more and more to find the Lord and to rejoice in the Cross of Glory that bore Him but could not defeat Him.

As I write this column ten days before Easter due to publishing deadlines, I can only hope a rented generator will make it possible for the organ will be ringing out Easter Hymns and the lights will be blaringly bright given that, once again, our church was struck by lightning destroying an $8,000 transformer and causing other, yet unknown damage. As we work at a fast pace to solve historic drainage problems and plaster and repair our Church interior, I pray you’ll find it in your hearts to be all the more generous as our plate is passed.

On this Easter, I am especially thrilled to announce the pending assignment of soon-to-be Father Andrew Fryml to Saint Peter’s as our Parochial Vicar. Deacon Andrew will be ordained at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Charleston on Friday evening, June 9 at a Mass I hope many of you will attend. He had a great, seven-week summer assignment with us last June and July and won many hearts by his great work ethic, warm and caring personality and deep faith. He will only be with us part-time however, as he’s also to serve as the Chaplain to Cardinal Newman High School. His plate will be full but at least for June and July, he’ll be 100% ours something I’m counting on as I plan my annual vacation! We’ll talk more about having a proper welcome for him as his arrival time draws near.

For those who are only visiting, I encourage you to look deeper at Saint Peter’s and consider making us your parish home in Columbia. Our parish is coming alive with spiritually engaging activities for all ages and stages of life. The Body of Christ has many members – including YOU – and God calls everyone to engage in building His City and Church in this place! Don’t remain on the sidelines – but come alive with Easter faith and become His hands as you join yours with ours to proclaim his Easter Triumph!

Wishing You every Blessing and Easter Joy!

Fraternally, Fr. Gary S. Linsky
The Very Reverend Canon Gary S. Linsky, V.F. Pastor

End of Year Celebration for Religious Education

Each Wednesday during Lent, the Parish has provided opportunities for Stations of the Cross, Eucharistic Adoration (praying before the Blessed Sacrament where we “watch and wait”, we remain “silent” in His Presence and open ourselves to His Graces which flow from the Eucharist.) and Benediction (closing prayer) followed by a parish supper provided by different ministries of the Church.

On April 12 Religious Education Ministry will host the Lenten Dinner as part of our End of Year Celebration! FAMILIES: bring your favorite cover dish You know how this works…your favorite dish – YOUR CHOICE!!!!

PARISH IS PROVIDING: Dessert, paper products, condiments, drinks Dinner: 6:15-6:45 p.m. Closing Program – in the Church 6:45-7:45 p.m. Join us as we close out our amazing year! Questions: Contact Donna Tomasini at or 779-0036

Community Easter Banquet

Once again, St. Peter’s and St. Vincent de Paul Society will host their Annual Easter Banquet for the poor, homeless, and elderly on Easter Sunday, April 16 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Lunch will be served in the Cardinal Bernardin Center.

We will have Easter Baskets for the children; toilet bags for the adults. The menu will be ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, rolls, tea and lemonade, and HOMEMADE DESSERTS.

If you would like to make a donation, here is a list of items needed: your time, monetary gifts, dyed Easter eggs, 50 filled Easter baskets, and cupcakes (with jelly beans), cupcakes (with jelly beans), cupcakes (with jelly beans), cupcakes (with jelly beans), and more cupcakes (with jelly beans).

If you have any questions, please call Robert Keeder at 796-9802.

Thank you, From Father Linsky


On behalf of the over 130 participants in last weekend’s deeply spiritual and wonderfully beneficial Parish Retreat, I want to thank Beverly Swaim, Mary Callahan and the many other members of the 50+ Club who worked tirelessly to plan, organize and orchestrate last weekend’s Retreat.
From arranging the space with the assistance of Parma Smith of our staff to providing a wonderful reception on Friday evening, Continental breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday and arranging for lunch on Saturday, this team complimented the work of our Retreat Master by attending to the myriad details necessary for such a program to succeed.

And of course, how blest were we with the visit by Fr. Dempsey Jose Rosales Acosta, Associate Professor of Theology and Head of the Department at Saint Thomas University in Houston for his amazing presentations on the 9th Chapter of the Gospel of John. His reflections deepened our knowledge of the important background of the Chapter and of the Apostle John’s deeper meaning in the text. He challenged us to reflect and pray following the teaching of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and encouraged us to confess our sins.

Every participant marveled at his teaching as did the many attending Sunday’s Mass who enjoyed his Homily. This weekend, he returns to lead the same Retreat to our Spanish-speaking parishioners. We are truly blessed to have this scholar in our midst on two consecutive weekends. Please pray that our Spanish-Speaking Retreatants are similarly blessed!

Fr. Gary S. Linsky Pastor