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From the Pastor’s Desk: Sunday, October 25 2015


Next week Father West and I will join the priests of the Diocese on a brief canonical retreat in the mountains of North Carolina. Because of this, there will be no daily Mass from Monday through Thursday. Ours will be a preached retreat led by Father West’s former seminary rector from his days at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary in Emmetsburg, Maryland.

Retreats are necessary for us all. For priests, deacons and religious, they give us some time to reflect upon our own relationship with God. His primacy of place in our lives and in our hearts is vital if we are to have any depth of faith to share with you. So, I ask that you pray for Father West and I that our time away will be refreshing in body and soul. And while I know our daily Mass communicants will miss the celebration, perhaps, as they say, absence will make the heart grow fonder!

I also want to alert you that we will have three Masses on Monday, November 2 for the Commemoration of All Souls. Our 8:30 a.m. Mass will be for the school. The Noon will be a simple Mass without music, and we will have a 6:00 p.m. evening Mass.
I hope you will attend one or more of these celebrations to pray for the repose of your deceased relatives and friends.

Fr. Gary S. Linsky

From the Pastor’s Desk, Sunday, October 18, 2015

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We’ve had a busy week in the parish with three weddings and funeral in addition to our regularly scheduled activities. The wedding I celebrated yesterday was my first in Spanish and the first of many I have prepared from our Hispanic community that I hope will wed in the Church in the coming months. Altogether, I will celebrate six wedding this month—a record for me in my twenty years of parish ministry.

Weddings much like baptisms are a strong indication of life and hope. Given the recent tragedy of our epic flood, they are, in some ways a bit of a spiritual rainbow—joyous opportunities to celebrate God’s presence, sacramentally, in the newly married. I am especially thankful to an-nounce that Michael and Bonnie Younginer will be working with me to organize and lead a new program to help our recent newlyweds to deepen their faith and overcome those pitfalls that often challenge couples in their pre-children, initial stage of married life. I hope the bonds these couples form will be sources of friendship and inspiration that will be with them over the years to come.

I had hoped to write you that our radio station was up and running. Unfortunately, when our contractors came to install the antenna and cap the chimney we found at least 30 bricks were loose and had to be removed. Now we’ll need to rent a man lift to repair the chimney and any other loose or broken flagstone roofing tiles that we find. These costs are never budgeted but are generally covered by the gifts you make to our Preservation Fund. As the list of work to preserve our historic church grows – now approximately $300,000 – I intend to ask our Bishop for permission to begin a fund drive that will not be assessed for this purpose. Clearly, we need to repair external damage before we can do any interior work otherwise the money will simply be wasted.

Last Monday I received word from Charleston that we’ve raised $68,204.40 of our $76,318 goal for the 2015 Bishop’s Annual Appeal. Of note, 241 of our families have contributed. Wouldn’t it be amazing if another 500 families gave $20 each to help push us over our goal!!! If you or your family have yet to support the Bishop’s Annual Appeal please strongly consider doing so. All our hands are needed to do the work of the Lord and I truly believe all are capable of giving something to the charitable work of our Diocese. If you are willing to help, please make your checks payable to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal or to Saint Peter’s with Bishop’s Appeal in the notation section. You may also give via on-line giving.

Every Sunday there are more faces at Mass that seem new to me. Help Father West and I welcome them and encourage them to become active members in our growing parish family!

Fr. Gary S. Linsky
The Very Rev’d Canon Gary S. Linsky

From the Pastor’s Desk

Feast of the Holy Rosary
October 7, 2015

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Peter’s:
As we continue to deal with new realities in the aftermath of what our Governor called a 1,000 year storm, I am drawn to the eighth chapter of Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Verse 28 which tells us, “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”

To believe these words, we have to believe in God’s power and authority over all that He created. When evil seems to triumph and nature destroys, we are called to have a longer term vision that can see as the great hymnologist, George Mattheson wrote, “the rainbow through the rain, And feel the promise is not vain, That morn shall tearless be.”

But our tears are still drying some might add, and that is definitely true. While the rain fell, the media was present but soon their cameras will be turned to other places and situations leaving us to find the wherewithal to fix broken roads and bridges, homes and livelihoods.

Mattheson also reminds us, “And from the ground there blossoms red, life that shall endless be.” The struggle of life will remain with us until we are no more. And for this pastor, that means caring for your spiritual welfare as well as seeking the financial means to repair our damaged facilities and make up for a major weekend collection that simply did not happen.

God is rich in his mercy and love. In the long run, our city and state will come back with resurgent strength, and our homes and businesses will be rebuilt. Additionally, I have trust in your financial fidelity and your future contributions to our soon to be established Saint Peter’s Volunteer Corps. In life, both spiritual and material, we have to remember that it is not always about us. When we have this vision, we accept our high calling because our hearts are aligned to His purposes and therefore are able to work, not for ourselves, but for the greater or common good.

I pray that your recovery and that of our state may, in the scheme of things be relatively brief. I have every confidence that we will move forward as a parish in unity and love, lifting up those in need and growing ever closer to God!!!

Fr. Gary S. Linsky
The Very Rev’d Canon Gary S. Linsky, V.F.


Help Columbia Flood Victims

Father Linsky invites the whole parish to help the victims of the flood here in Columbia. Our Youth Group is gathering items for the victims of the flood to donate to Catholic Charities which works directly with the homeless and displaced people.

While our Youth Group will be the driving force in organizing this drive, we expect the WHOLE PARISH to be part of this, so see what you can do: donate money, items or volunteer!

Please contact Celia or Jason Galens at /  803.386.7599 or /  803.216.5962  for more information.


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Flood in South Carolina: Let us all pray for our region’s recovery and stand ready to assist…

2015-06-23 10.09.46-2

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Peter’s:

Perhaps you like me are still stunned about what’s happened to our beloved state and city. The power of nature certainly overwhelmed us with the ferocity of record-breaking rain that led to dams failing, roads and bridges washing away and homes and businesses being destroyed.
As your pastor, my greatest concern lies with your personal safety and spiritual welfare. Please do not hesitate to contact the parish office either by calling us at (803) 779-0036 or contacting us through Facebook, if you require assistance. I know that many in the parish will be willing to help.

In view of your safety, I along with Monsignor Harris at Saint Joseph’s felt compelled to cancel last Sunday’s Masses. I’m convinced we made the right decision. Following Mayor Benjamin’s request, we kept the parish office closed on Monday but reopened this morning. Sadly, there have been new leaks in the Church which will only add to the plaster repairs we’ll be raising funds to address over the next few years. There were also some leaks in the school and in Gibson Hall. Everything is now dry. Professional carpet cleaners will be at the school tomorrow, hopefully making it possible to re-open for classes on Thursday.
Given an excess of prudence and uncertainty regarding the
prolongation of the city-wide curfew, we will cancel all evening activities through Wednesday evening. Therefore, CCD, Adult Education, Choir and Youth Group classes and events will NOT be held.

Catholic Charities meets tomorrow to determine what’s needed to help the suffering people in our area. We will inform you as soon as we learn how we can best help. Additionally, Bishop Guglielmone has asked that we have a collection for this same purpose in the near future.

I concelebrated Mass at noon with Father West and offered it for
all who are suffering from this incredible calamity as well as the many courageous first responders and volunteers who have risked their own lives to save others.

Let us all pray for our region’s recovery and stand ready to
assist where ever we can, beginning, especially with our

The Very Rev’d Canon Gary S. Linsky,

Oremos todos por la recuperación de nuestra región y estemos dispuestos a ayudar en donde podamos

2015-06-23 10.09.46-2

Memorial de San Bruno
Octubre 6, 2015

Queridos Feligreses y amigos de Saint Peter’s:

Tal vez ustedes, como yo, aun se encuentran aturdidos sobre lo que ocurrió a nuestro amado estado y ciudad. El poder de la madre naturaleza, ciertamente nos ha abrumado con la ferocidad de la lluvia record; ocasionando la ruptura de presas, caminos y puentes deslavándose, así como casas y negocios destruidos.

Como su pastor, mi mayor preocupación recae sobre su seguridad personal y el bienestar espiritual. Por favor no duden en contactar las Oficinas de la Parroquia, ya sea llamándonos al (803) 779-0036 o contactándonos a través de Facebook. Se que muchos en la parroquia estarán dispuestos a ayudar.

En vista de su seguridad, yo, junto con Monseñor Harris en “Saint Joseph”, nos sentimos obligados a cancelar las misas del domingo pasado. Estoy convencido que tomamos la mejor decisión. A raíz de la petición del alcalde Benjamín, mantuvimos la oficina parroquial cerrada el lunes, pero reabrimos esta mañana. Tristmente, han habido nuevas fugas en la iglesia que solo se sumarán a las reparaciones de yeso, estaremos recaudando fondos para hacerles frente en los proximos años. Además, hubo algunas fugas en la escuela y en el Salón Gibson.
Todo se encuentra seco en este momento y la limpieza profesional de alfombras, estará en la escuela mañana. Esperando que sea posible reanudar clases el Jueves.

Teniendo en cuenta un exceso de prudencia y la incertidumbre con respecto a la prolongación del toque de queda en toda la ciudad, cancelaremos todas las actividades hasta el miercoles por la noche. Por lo tanto, CCD, Educación para Adultos, coro y clases del grupo juvenil y eventos; no se celebrarán.

Las Caridades Católicas se reunirán mañana para evaluar las necesidades y determinar que cosas son necesarias para ayudar a las personas que sufren en nuestra área. Les informaremos tan pronto como podamos, esto una vez que sepamos como podremos ayudar mejor. Además, el Obispo Guglielmone, ha pedido que tengamos una colecta para este mismo fin en un futuro próximo.

He concelebrado la misa del mediodía con el Padre West, y la hemos ofrecido para aquellos que sufren esta increíble calamidad, así como por los numerosos socorristas y voluntarios que han arriesgado sus vidas para salvar a otros.

Oremos todos por la recuperación de nuestra región y estemos dispuestos a ayudar en donde podamos, empezando sobre todo, con nuestras oraciones.


El Muy Reverendo Canon Gary S. Linsky, V.F.

Pet Blessing to be Rescheduled


In consideration of the extra ordinary weather circumstances the Pet Blessing on Friday October 2th is cancelled.   We will reschedule it as soon as we can coordinate a better time!
We’ll try to have two time slots to accommodate those who whose work/school schedules could not be accommodated by the 2:30 p.m. time slot.