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Burning of Columbia Commemoration

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the burning of Columbia during the Civil War, our third grade class participated in an interactive history walk led by third grade teacher Marie Phillips. The walk began at the site of the Ursuline Convent and School for Girls, site of the present-day Tapps building.

When the school was burned on February 17, 1865, the Ursuline sisters and their students, led by Mother Baptista Lynch, Mother Superior of the Ursuline convent and Father Lawrence O’ Connel, were forced to flee to St. Peter’s Catholic Church and eventually sought refuge in the church’s cemetery.   Mother Baptista is burried within our historic cemetery, her grave marked with a simple cross.

As part of the third grade history curriculum the students relived the burning of Columbia, the perilous journey through the burning city, and taking shelter in the church and later the cemetery of St. Peter’s Catholic Church.  Our students followed the same route as their historic counterparts and were joined by representations of Mother Baptisa, Father Lawrence O’Connell and three Union soldiers. During the walk they heard an account of the events as written by one of the convent school students.

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Ash Wednesday


This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday with Masses celebrated at 8:30 AM, Noon, 5:30 PM, and 7:30 PM (in Spanish).

The Masses at 8:30 AM and Noon are sung by Capella Pueri of Saint Peter’s School and our choral scholars. Our 5:30 PM Mass will be sung by the Men’s Schola.
These first three Masses all will have the chanting of the “Dies iræ,” which speaks of the harrowing Day of Judgement, our mortality, and our need for atonement of sin.

The final Mass at 7:30 PM is celebrated in Spanish and sung by our wonderful Coro Hispano. All are welcome!


Adoration on Wednesdays During Lent




Every Wednesday during LENT Saint Peter’s will have Adoration with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.   Exposition starts at noon with the Stations of the Cross, and Benediction is at 5.45 pm. Afterwards, there will be soup and sandwiches in the Cardinal Bernardin Center.  We hope to see many of you there.
Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity and sign up for a slot during Adoration to be present with Our Lord.

We ask two people to sign up per slot to make certain the Blessed Sacrament is never left unattended.  Signing up is a commitment to be there.

Of course you are welcome to join in prayer and adoration any time, even without signing up.

Check your calendars and sign up HERE!


Choral Concerts

Two extra ordinary Choral Concerts are coming up at St. Peter’s. You DON’T want to miss these.


Colla Voce: Sunday 22 February 3 PM

Larry Wyatt, Director

They will bring us “Annelies” by James Whitbourne (Composer of our beloved Son of God Mass) for chorus and strings, with texts by Anne Frank!  Tickets will be available at the door. (donation suggested)

Violins: David & Teresa Ehrlich
Cellist: Ben Wyatt
Soprano: Ariana Wyatt

The Concordia Choir: Monday 23 February 7 PM 

Internationally Acclaimed Touring Choir returns to Saint Peter’s!
Michael Smith, Guest Conductor

Please call 800.838.3006 to reserve tickets ($20)
$15 General Admission at the door
$10 Students/Seniors

History Comes Alive: The Burning of Columbia Through The Eyes of A Child

Join Us for an Interactive Walk led by St. Peter’s Catholic School Teacher Marie Phillips and her third grade students, February 17, at 10 a.m.  Walk begins at the Tapps Building Art Gallery, on the corner of Main Street and Blanding, and concludes in St. Peter’s Church Cemetery.  All are welcome to attend; the walking tour is free.

Experience the unique perspective of a child on the burning of Columbia, as chronicled in the diary of Selena Bollin Magrath, student at the Ursuline Convent and School for Girls, located on the Tapps site in 1865.  Selena’s diary tells the moving story of what she and her fellow students endured as they fled the burning school to the safety of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, led by Mother Baptista Lynch, Mother Superior of the Ursuline School.   Come hear this historic eyewitness account, as St. Peter’s School teacher Marie Phillips and her students lead us on the same route their historic counterparts took that fateful night.   One Union soldier, who witnessed their perilous flight through the city that night, commented, “I have never seen such order and discipline, not even in the finest regiment of the Union Army!”


Few people know General Sherman was married to a Catholic and his daughter, Minnie, had been taught by Mother Baptista Lynch in Ohio.  Mother Baptista begged General Sherman to remember this connection and to send troops to protect her students on February 17, 1865.  He did so, but it was too late to stop the fire and chaos erupting in the city that night, and the convent burned down.

In St. Peter’s Cemetery, where Mother Baptista had spent the cold, windy night surrounded by her frightened students, the General and Mother Baptista met the following morning.  She rebuked him for failing his promise, and his words stung her deeply.  Find out what he said on this interactive walk!

Years later Mother Baptista Lynch was buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery,where her headstone can still be seen today.